Laboratory of Urban Criminology

of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences


E7 office of the seven-storeyed building & Conference room D8 building DESKOI

Tel. +30 210 920 1795 - Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Director: Professor Christina Zarafonitou

Deputy Director: Professor Gregory Lazos


The Laboratory of Urban Criminology was established at the Section of Criminology - Sociology Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Psychology, Panteion University (Government Newspaper 2978/31.12.2015, vol. B’) and cover educational and research needs in the fields of Criminology and more specifically of urban criminal phenomena.

Research and study field of the Laboratory

  • The study of the criminal phenomenon and the special quantitative and qualitative features of the urban environment.
  • Study and research of the role of the built environment and the structural and functional characteristics of urban environment in the forms and dimensions of crime.
  • The development and implementation of methods and techniques of mapping specific to the geographical and spatial analysis of crime.
  • Empirical investigation and analysis of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the crime according to the size of the settlement (urban, suburban - rural areas).
  • The study of contemporary urban criminality and its mapping.
  • Empirical investigation and study of victimization, fear of crime and insecurity on the basis of the residence area and the settlement size
  • The empirical and theoretical analysis of the attitudes and opinions of citizens towards the criminal phenomenon as well as punitiveness, on the basis of the size of residence settlement.
  • Processing theoretical explanatory approaches and criminal policy proposals about urban criminality.
  • Formulating proposals for crime prevention at local level (social prevention / community prevention), as well as crime prevention through environmental proposals (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design−CPTED).



  • fulfill training needs in the fields of the Laboratory,
  • conducting research programs,
  • organizing scientific events,
  • publications and editions,
  • cooperation with other relevant Greek and foreign academic institutions, research centers and institutes,
  • cooperation with public services, local authorities and other scientific and social organizations in order to submit proposals on matters falling within the Laboratory activity field,
  • development of products and services
  • Strengthening doctoral students whose thesis subject falls in the disciplines of the Laboratory, possibility for scholarship according to the applicable provisions.


Members of the Laboratory

  • faculty members of the Section of Criminology of  Panteion University
  • researchers, PhD candidates
  • other scholars and experts who collaborate with the Laboratory


Inclusion of members

  • request for membership application
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