Psychologist, Criminology MA, Criminology PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

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Dr Chalkia Anastasia

Anastasia Chalkia obtains a PhD and a MA in criminology from Panteion University. Now, she is a scientific collaborator at the same University. Her writings have been published in scientific books and journals. She has participated in various research programmes and in conferences in Greece and abroad.

She has been a member of the Greek Team for the EUCPN and assistant of the Chair in the context of the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the EU (Chair : Prof. J.Farsedakis). Moreover, she has been a member of the JURY Meeting for the EUCPN ECPA (European Crime Prevention Award) under the Italian and the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of The EU. Additionally, she was appointed vice-president at the Central Council for the Prevention of Criminality at the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

She is working as a Head of Asylum Unit in Leros (Hellenic Asylum Service) and she has been specially trained by European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in examining applications for International Protection. In this context she is also a national trainer in the module of inclusion in international protection

Before her current position she has worked as a researcher in the National Center of Social Research and as an administrative officer in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Civilization.

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Sociology PhD, Criminology MA 

Address: Vorreou 10, Vouliagmeni, 

16 671, Attica - Greece

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Tel: +302108950524

Curriculum Vitae



Public Consultation: E-Democracy and Participation, Better Regulation, Sociology of Culture and Visual Arts, Visual Culture, Visual Criminology, Cognitive Sciences, Philosophy and Neurosciences.


-          2008 Sociology PhD, Dept. of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

-          2000 Criminology MA, Section of Criminology, Dept. of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

-          1998 Sociology Graduate, Dept. of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.


 2008-9, Thessaloniki

Invited Lecturer in the School of Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (spring semesters). Cognitive field taught: “Sociology of the Image: Simulations, Visual Arts in Policy Making and Marketing”.

2007-2009, Athens

Teacher in private elementary schools: Areimanio and Panagiotopoulos - Kalligas.

Courses taught: a) Principles on Economic Theory, b) Principles on Organizing, Directing and Managing Business.


2006-2007, Athens

Teacher, (European Initiative EQUAL) Project implementation: «Sensitivity and Media: Abrogation of Stereotypes and of Professional Segregation». Courses taught: a) The Representations of Races and Sex in the Mass Media, b) The Role of the Media on Constructing the Sexual Identity, c) The Representation of Woman on the Greek Mass Media: The Dominant Model, d) The Role of the Advertisement, e) The Depiction of Woman on Reportage, f) Stereotypes, Discrimination and Journalistic Practice: How the Stereotypes Affect the Cognitive Processes, g) Techniques and Methods to Embody the Sex’s Viewpoint on Journalistic Practice. Centre of Vocational Education (KEK) Eurymatheia.

1999-2000, Athens

Teacher, Centers of Vocational Education Apopsis and Camatero Cultural Centre. Courses taught:

a) An Introduction to the Social Theory of the 19th and 20th century,

b) Anti-criminal Policies.




 2009- present


Scientific Collaborator in the Programme of Postgraduate Studies “The Contemporary Criminality and its Confrontation” which operates in the Department of Sociology of Panteion University & Administrator of its webpage (

2009- present day

Head of the Better Regulation Office, General Secretariat of the Greek Government (public consultation, e-government, transparency, implementation of European law etc).

2005-7, Athens

Scientific Researcher, title of research: “Athens and Immigration: Us and the Others – the Others and Us”, Institute of Political Sociology, National Centre for Social Research (ΕΚΚΕ).

2004, Athens


Scientific Collaborator (European Initiative EQUAL), Project Implementation: «New Capabilities on Employment With Higher Quality of Labor Life», subproject: «Webpage Creation and Maintenance Providing Capabilities for Disabled People to Look for Job or to Work via the Internet». Centre of Vocational Education. Delta Singular Ekpaideutiki Α.Ε.


Technical Customer Adviser, Tellas Communication Company S.A.

2002 Athens

Scientific Researcher, Project title: “Health and Behavior for Students 11-16 years old”. Research took place in 34 European Countries, the USA and Canada in collaboration with World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and University Research Centre for Mental Health (E.Π.Ι.Ψ.Υ.).

1999-2000, Athens

Scientific Researcher on Social Statistics, Press Office, Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAEΔ).


1998-99, Athens.

Social Researcher by Panteion University in the Social Service of the Penitentiary of Corydallos.




Social Statistics Instigator in the “Training Seminar for Human Resources Executives” organized by the Consulting Institute for Business and Research (IME&E).



2013, 4-10 Aug. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy

XXIII (23rd) World Congress of Philosophy: "Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life". Organizers: FISP (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie), Greek Philosophical Society. Member of the Organizing Committee for the Art Events. Title of paper: "When Neurosciences Meet Philosophy, a Problem is Hidden under the Mat".

2012,17-24 Jul, Samos

24th International Congress of Philosophy: "The Philosophy of Inter-human Relations and the Relations With Other Natural Beings in the Global Era". Organizing Committee: International Society of Greek Philosophy, International Centre of Greek Philosophy & Culture. Title of paper: "An Old Problem Raises Demand for New Tools".

2011,1-2 Dec., Thessaloniki


4th Conference of Administrative Scientists: “Reformation in Public Administration: “Potentials, Prospects and Frailties”. Co-organizers: Univ. of Athens, Univ. of Thessaloniki, Univ. of Crete, Hellenic Institute of Administrative Studies. Title of paper: “E-Government as a Powerful Instrument for the Administrative Reform”.



25-27, Nov., Nicosia – Cyprus


International Conference: “Social Justice and Participation: the role of Higher Education”, Co- Organized by International Sociological Association RC04 & RC10, Univ. of Cyprus, European Univ. of Cyprus. Title of paper: “A New Point of View for the Divergence between the Higher Education and the Prospects of Employment in the Era of the Images”.


17-22 Jul.,



23rd International Conference of Philosophy: “Philosophy, Politics and Economics in the Global Era”. Organizing Committee: International Society of Greek Philosophy, International Centre of Greek Philosophy & Culture. Title of paper: “Farmville or the Problem of Reality in Direct E-Democracy”.



May 27th,

Univ. of Athens


Conference: “Transparency in Terms of E-Government, Areas of Implementation”. Organizer: Hellenic Institute of Administrative Sciences. Title of paper: “Transparency and E-Government: Potentials and Prospects”.


2009, 5-7 Nov., Athens


2nd International Conference of Sociology: “Society in Risk, Challenges in the 21st Century”. Organizer: Hellenic Sociological Society. Title of paper: “The Urgent Social Necessity to Bring Up a Sensationalistic Educational Model”.


2009, 6-9 May, Athens

International Conference: “New Media & Information: Convergences & Divergences”. Organizer: Dept of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University, Megaron Plus. Title of paper: “Post-Keynesian Factors for Eliminating the Anthropological Origins of the Covenants”.


2008, 18-20 Dec., Athens

National Interdisciplinary Congress: “Child Abuse and Psychic Trauma: Contemporary Potentials of Detecting, Confronting and Preventing”. Organizer: Hellenic Association for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse. Title of Paper presented: “The Unnoticeable Trauma: Towards a New Usage of the Terms of Description?”


2008, 12-13 Dec.,


1st International Conference of Sociology. Organizer: Hellenic Sociological Society. Title of paper: “The Gouge and the Lancet: Sociological Tools Confronting a Visual Zeitgeist”.


2008, 5-7 June, Athens


International Criminology Congress: «Contemporary Criminality, its Confrontation and Criminology». Organizer: Programme of Postgraduate Studies “The Contemporary Criminality and its Confrontation”, Dpt of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Title of paper presented: «Visual Culture and Contemporary Criminality ».


8-11 April, Athens

Congress: «Contemporary Art and Public Space». Organizer: Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. Title of paper presented: «Pictures’ Socialization vs. Multicultural Ethnic Sockets in Contemporary Mega-Cities».

2004, Dec,


Guest Lecturer in Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Lecture title: «Conducting Image in Open and Close Political Systems».

2004, Feb.,


Congress: "A Critical Analysis of the Outlook Exhibition", Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. Co-organizer and Lecturer. Organizing Committee: Department of Communication, Media and Culture. Title of paper: "The Sociological Usurpation of the Cultural Fragments".

2002, May,


International Congress: "Globalization: Human Rights, Arts and Ideologies". Co-organized by 'Institute of Applicable Philosophy' and the Ministry of Culture.

2000, June,


Congress: "Social Exclusion and Minorities". Organized by the Section of Criminology, Department of Sociology, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

1998, October,

Athens, Ministry

of Foreign Affairs

International Congress: «Human Rights and Modern Technology». Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.






1. Studies on Iconomachy: Visual Culture and Neotribals, Ellin, Athens (academic book for the School of Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), 2009.

2. On Differentiating Ways of Conceptualizing Visual Percepts in Artistic and Media images, Athens 2007.


1. Guidebook for the Implementation of the European Law to the Greek Law (eds. E. Martsoukou, N. Trantas), National Printing House, Athens 2013. 


1. "Transparency and E-Government: Dimensions and Perspectives", Review of the Administrative Science, 17, Hellenic Institute of Administrative Sciences, Sakoula, Athens, 2012.

2. “Farmville or the Problem of Reality in Direct E-Democracy”, 23rd International Conference of Philosophy Proceedings, Athens, 2012.

3. “A New Point of View for the Divergence between the Higher Education and the Prospects of Employment in the Era of the Images”, in « Social Justice and Participation: the role of Higher Education » (K. Lamprou & I. Lamprianou eds.), Univ. of Cyprus, Nicosia, 2011.

4. «Sensibilis Modus Operandi (?) Visual Culture and Contemporary Criminality», in: «Contemporary Criminality, its Confrontation and the Science of Criminology, Nomiki Vivliothiki, Athens, 2011.

5. “Hybrid Manifestations of Postmodern Urban Model: A Greek Case Study”, in “Aspects of Migration and the Migration Policy in Greece Today”, EKKE, Athens, 2009.

6. “The Goose of the Plastic Money and the Golden Egg of the Internet Bazaar”, Conference Proceedings, “New Media & Information: Convergences & Divergences”, Athens 2009.

7. “The Gouge and the Lancet: Sociological Tools Confronting a Visual Zeitgeist”, 1st International Sociology Conference Proceedings, Athens, 2012.

8. "The Socializing Role of the Images vs Multicultural Ethnic Megacities", Modern Arts and Public Space Conference Proceedings, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Athens 2011.

9. " Two Interception Factors in Transforming Athens in Megacity Receptor", EKKE, Athens, 2009.

10. “The Urgent Social Necessity to Bring Up a Sensationalistic Educational Model”, 2nd International Sociology Conference Proceedings, Athens, 2011.

11. " An Old Problem Raises Demand for New Tools" (Conference Proceedings to be published)

12. E-Government as a Powerful Instrument for the Administrative Reform”, (Conference Proceedings to be published).

13. “The Unnoticeable Trauma: Towards a New Usage of the Terms of Description?”, (Conference Proceedings to be published).

14. Two Dissertations theses for the M.A. in Criminology titled: «Rebellions in Prisons» and «Personal Data and Information»



1. Editor in Collection of Essays on Aesthetics (Beautiful - Sublime): " The Odyssey of the Beautiful", in collaboration with the Emeritus Professor and Sculptor of Fine Arts in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Fotis Hatziioannides - for educational purposes in the School of Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

2. Translation of the book by Stanley Cohen Visions of Social Control, London, Polity Press, 1985, for educational purposes in the MA Programme "The Contemporary Criminality and its Confrontation".


Preface and Curating in Art Exhibitions - Music Events


·         Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens (EAT-ESA): Co-curator in the Painting Exhibition “Project Exploding”, with the participation of Yiannis Fokas (28/2-23/3) Yiorgos Skiloyiannis (2-25/5/2014), Xenofon Sahinis (30/5-22/6/2014), Yiorgos Tsaras (27/6-20/7/2014), Angelos Antonopoulos (29/8-21/9/2014), Dimitris Zouroudis & Yiorgos Harvalias (26/9-19/10/2014), Takis Zerdevas & Kiriakos Mortarakos (5/12-28/12/2014).

·         Odeon of Herod Atticus: Opening Ceremony Concert for the World Congress of Philosophy in Athens, with the participation of Athens Symphony Orchestra, Aug. 4th 2013, Athens.

·         National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy: World Congress of Philosophy, Co-curator in the Art Exhibition "Doing Art in the Age of Crisis" with the participation of the Professors of the Schools of Fine Arts in Athens and Thessaloniki, Aug. 5th 2013, Athens.

·         Galerie Juttner: Curator in Painting Exhibition: "Drifting Memories", Painters: Dorothea + Athina T. , April, Vienna, Austria, 2013.

·         Galerie Juttner: Curator in Photography Exhibition: “Gemalde und Fotografien”, by Alistari Fuller, May, Vienna, Austria, 2012.

·         Cultural Venue Angellon Vima (2006-11): Painting Exhibitions by Artists:

- (2007) V. Dimitreas, D. Kokkinides, S. Kontaratos, F. Hatziioannides.

- (2006) D. Karlaftopoulos, P. Kapela, K. Fazos, E. Skyrgianni, S. Tzelepis (+), E. Grammenou, P. Dafiotis, T. Tranos.

- (2007-8) A. Hamos, V. Selimas, V. Salavatsis, E. Yakoumakis, A. Korkou, G. Vrittia.

- (2010-11) D. Tezapsidou, G. Angelides, T. Karlaftopoulos, M. Despoudes, M. Michaelides.

·         Gallery TKambani (2009): Group Exhibition: "Northern Navigators", artists participated: S. Tzelepis (+), V. Selimas, K. Fazos, T. Tranos.

·         Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery (2006): Individual Exhibition by painter K. Tolis.

·         Bonicos Gallery (2008-9): Group Exhibition "Histories Made of Carton". Painters participated: T. Tranos, S. Tzelepis (+), G. Angelides, V. Lungos.


Member of Scientific Societies

1. Member of the Greek Philosophical Society (GPS).

2. Member of the International Association for Greek Philosophy (IAGP), the International Center for Greek Philosophy and Culture (in permanent collaboration with South African Society for Greek Philosophy and the Humanitarian Sciences and the American Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy).

3. President of the Administrative Board of the Criminologists' Society of Panteion University.